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Exterior Roller Blinds for Sydney’s Patios

Protect your Sydney patio with Patio Blinds

Exterior roller blinds are the simplest way to drastically improve the comfort of your outdoor area. The range of benefits associated with patio blinds is unbeatable: they lengthen the life of your outdoor furniture, reduce glare, and protect you from the sun and Sydney’s mosquitos. 

At Synergy Security Doors and Blinds, we rely on the best materials for our installations. That’s why we use Slidetrack outdoor blinds for the patio blinds systems we install in Sydney. They look great and can screen areas of up to 6 metres before requiring a centre mullion. 

Slidetrack use high-quality, heavy-duty materials made from Australian-sourced components in all of the roller blinds they manufacture. The frame for the blinds is made using stainless steel and aluminium, so it’s resistant to rusting and corrosion and is incredibly strong. They can easily be motorised for those who value the convenience of being able to adjust the blinds at a distance. 

Slidetrack blinds come in a range of colours and fabrics, from blinds that drastically cut the amount of sunlight filtering in through to more transparent materials that don’t impede the views of your surrounds. The wide range of colours means that they can be matched to any colour scheme. So your patio blinds can enhance your decor while improving the comfort of your outdoor area.

Whether you choose patio blinds that will darken your space or transparent blinds, the blinds reduce the amount of UV rays filtering through to your patio. This means that you can expect your exterior roller blinds to contribute to savings on cooling. Acting as your first defence against the sunlight entering your home, patio blinds prevent the heat from getting in to begin with. Preventing UV rays from entering your patio will also save your outdoor furniture from fading and sun damage. This extends the life of your outdoor furniture, saving you money in the long run.

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